Immigration once again a topic of contention

Commentary by Nick Moreno

Immigration has been a hot button topic of the Trump administration. The arrival of the caravan of migrants at the border in Tijuana has pushed immigration to the forefront of national debate yet gain.

The caravan is comprised of asylum seekers from Central America who are in search of refuge in the United States. It has become a focal point for Trump’s anti-immigration agenda.  The president has used the caravan as an example of the “out of control” immigration into the country. He recently took to twitter to warn of the “dangerous” caravan.

The message behind his attacks is very telling. His rhetoric is not only reckless, but it is also reflective of a substantial portion of the nation. Donald Trump did not invent xenophobia, he merely championed it. The fear of immigrants has always existed. The recent fear of Latin American immigrants existed before Trump ran for president.

The Trump administration has done its best to drive fear and uncertainty to not just these asylum seekers, but also undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. as well as recipients of DACA. Escalated ICE raids coupled with his before mentioned rhetoric has created uncertainty for the undocumented community.

Despite the rhetoric, the Washington Post reported yesterday that the migrants are beginning their process of applying for asylum. And even though the looming face of immigration will no longer be there, the feelings about immigrants will still exist. And to be fair immigration is a complex issue. There are plenty of ideas and solutions to immigration reform on each side of the spectrum.

The only thing that should matter in this debate is to not forget that these immigrants are human. They are people. Some of them are good people. Some of them are bad people. But, they are people nonetheless. And we must remember that is order to have proper dialogue on this issue.

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