A Millennial’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day looming, many millennials (people born between 1978 and 1998) like myself are finding themselves in a state of panic.

To them, I say this: Stop. Take a deep breath. Let me help guide you through the Feb. 14 holiday.

What’s the big deal about Valentine’s Day? Indeed, according to a YPulse survey, 58 percent of millennials find Valentine’s Day overrated – and 52 percent go so far as saying they don’t care about it. And yet, we millennials are Valentine’s Day’s biggest spenders.

We spend, on average, $100 more on the holiday than any other age group.

The rise in social media has made Valentine’s Day into a competition in many ways.
“I think our generation puts a lot of weight to Valentine’s Day, so they can post it to social media,” said Morgan Lamb, a student at Johnson County (Kan.) Community College.

That might be a reason for millennials’ dramatic Valentine’s Day spending habits, despite their lack of enthusiasm for the holiday.

There are two general groups on Valentine’s Day – those who are single or dating around, and those who are in relationships. It’s difficult to say which group is under more pressure.
Being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t easy. Whether you care or not, Valentine’s Day can make one feel lonely. If you’re single, don’t worry. There are plenty of fish in the sea, and the wonders of today’s technology can help. Apps such as Bumble and Tinder can allow you to set up impromptu dates late in the Valentine’s Day season. Or maybe you can take an alternate route and decide to live it up with your fellow single friends for the night!

People in relationships are in a tricky situation, too. Society has pushed them into providing their significant other with a romantic night. And they’re competing with the rest of the world to find the best flowers, candy and restaurants for showing their affection. So if you’re in a relationship, plan accordingly. You can use apps such as No Wait and OpenTable to make dining as convenient as possible. In addition, websites such as Groupon can help save some cash.

Hopefully, the above tips will help make your Valentine’s Day fun and easy. Valentine’s Day is no time to be in a state of panic.

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