Winners and Losers: This weekend in Kansas City

After the conclusion of an unusually busy weekend in Kansas City, which saw Arrowhead Stadium play host to an AFC divisional playoff game, there were a lot of cringe worthy moments. These are the winners and losers from the weekend in Kansas City.

Loser: KC Meteorologist

I know this isn’t an exact science, but the meteorologist in KC sent  the city into a frenzy this weekend. People were leaving work early on Friday, churches were forced to cancel services across the metro, and the NFL even changed the game time for a playoff game (although many are speculate this as an attempt boost ratings). But after Sunday came and went the winter storm of the year turned into nothing more than a cold drizzle.

Winner: KC Grocery stores

I love the frenzy comes from a potential winter storm. Kansas Citians seem to believe that the slightest dusting of snow will send the city into a post apocalyptic shut down that can only be avoided by stock piling food into your fridge freezers and pantries. I saw Snapchat stories and tweets showing empty shelves in grocery stores all across the metro. And my 6 pm Saturday night trip to Price Chopper only confirmed the madness.

Loser: Eric Fisher

This one actually pains me to see. Former number one overall pick has been absolutely crucified by the fans and media since he arrived in Kansas City. Yes he has been a disappointing first overall pick, but he has turned into an easy scapegoat for all of the Chief’s issues. Unfortunately the biggest mistake of his career came on a 2-pt conversion attempt late in the fourth quarter. The Chiefs needed to convert the attempt to tie the game. Just as the ball was snapped veteran James Harrison blew by Fisher who could do nothing but wrap his arm around Harrison to buy Smith just enough time to find an open Demetrius Harris to tie the game. The flag came out and the Chiefs had to retry the conversion from 12 yards out. The next pass fell incomplete. This has lead to an absolute storm of hate on twitter. Some of it mistakenly went to a CBS weatherman in Boston who dawns the same name.

Winner: Chris Boswell

I don’t think anyone expected the Steelers Kicker Chris Boswell to be the most important player on the field today. The man put up every single point for the Steelers who needed every single one of those point in Sunday’s playoff win. He knocked in 6 field goals and surpassed an NFL postseason record. He went 6 for 6 in the rain in the loudest stadium in the NFL. I may yet need a couple of days to get over this loss, but the man displayed some real fortitude.


Loser: NFL concussion protocol

Safety Sean Harris drilled Chris Conley, helmet to helmet, at the goal line in an attempt to break up an Alex Smith pass late in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game. Yes the personal foul was given, and I am in no way trying to vilify Harris. But everyone watching that game saw Conley stay on the ground for the next couple of minutes before he finally walked off the field. He was visibly dazed. Conley then went through and apparently passed the NFL’s concussion protocol. He missed only one play before returning to action. The announcers barely mentioned him coming back. An arrant acknowledgement from Cris Collinsworth was all the viewers got after he returned to the field. I am not an expert, but the way Conley took that shot to the head, stayed down, and continued to play a couple of (real time) minutes later was not a good look for the NFL.

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